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Dear Students,
Welcome to the Bayındır Vocational School of Ege University, which is one of the well-established educational institutions of İzmir and our country.
Bayındır Vocational High School, located in Bayındır Campus of our university, provides education to approximately 300 students under 5 departments. Our high school performs its associate degree programs intensively and fulfills the professional duties that it will undertake in the related sectors in national and international platforms. aims to educate the employees who are open to rapid developments and changes, sensitive to domestic and world problems and capable of producing solutions to the problems it encounters and accelerated its efforts in this direction. I congratulate you for having the privilege of being a student of Ege University Bayındır Vocational School, which is one of the most advanced Vocational Schools of our country with its physical facilities, strong academic staff and application area.
There are new changes and developments in the world every day and they continue to be. Our country has to comply with these changes and to move in the direction that the world is going on without breaking with our traditional values ​​as in the past. It is our greatest desire as an educator to establish the future of our country and to reach the future with confidence together with you, the young people who are being educated today and the adults who will assume responsibility tomorrow. I hope that the path you have chosen with the understanding that being successful in this way is going to be hard work, your life is meaningful and your profession is full of successes.
          Asst.Prof. Ali SALMAN
 Director of Bayındır Vocational School

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